Work Beautifully.

Managing multiple platforms, email accounts, and SaaS software has never been easier.

With Bella, endless browsers open is a thing of the past. Bella has a place for everything and everything in its place.

Time saving and user-friendly.

Bella simplifies your life by allowing you to create your own organized workspaces that provide instant access to your online accounts, documents, and websites with one click.

Save websites, files, and logins pertaining to any subject or project on a workspace and you’ll never need to search again.

Custom Workspaces

Build custom workspaces that include everything that is relevant to your project and never search for anything again.

Saves Passwords

No more forgetting and resetting passwords. Bella saves your passwords for you so you have quick access to any site you need.

Stay Focused

No more switching between tabs and files or resizing windows to fit your screen. Bella's dual screen feature instantly sizes any two windows on your screen.

Time Saving

No more wasting time. Bella is a simple way to stay organized and save time so you can focus on more important things.

Everything in its place

because Bella has a place for everything

Just log into Bella, choose the Workspace you want to view and access the sites or documents you need. They are there waiting for you. With Bella’s encrypted and secure password system, you’ll be logged into whatever you have saved to your Bella workspaces.


$ 0
  • Build up to 2 workspaces
  • Have 6 items per workspace
  • Password saving


$ 20per month
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited items per workspace
  • Password saving

Multiple Workspaces

We’ve got you covered. Create workspaces, broken down by project or client, as well as for your personal life. Organize your budget and bills, kids’ school and activities, calendars, or household projects.

Custom Sites & Files

Use search within Bella and once you find what you’re looking for save it to the library. Saving websites and files to your workspaces once and always have access when you need it.

Bella also saves your passwords and allows you to add your files to workspaces for easy and fast access. You’ll never never need to search for any website you’ve saved to your library and added to a workspace again.

Split Screen

Split screen allows you to keep two websites open at the same time. Perfectly sized and easy to switch between any sites in your workspace to maximize your time.

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